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Baby Essentials: Best Baby Bottles 2023 - Find The Perfect Bottle

Even if you’re breastfeeding your baby, you may still consider which are the best baby bottles.

Medical professionals recommend the benefits of breastfeeding as the most natural way to feed a baby. However, breastfeeding is not always a straightforward process. Both mum and baby can struggle with getting to grips with nursing, and that’s why having some bottles on hand can be helpful.

The only problem is that a simple Google search for ‘baby bottles’ will return an endless list of all sorts of designs, brands and types of baby bottles. The results can be very confusing – particularly to a sleep-deprived parent. 

The good news is that the team at Little Wishlist have done the leg work for you and pulled together a list of the best baby bottles on the market and why you might want to consider them. 

Why do you need a baby bottle?

When formula feeding, you must make up your baby’s milk in their baby bottle. 

If you are breastfeeding, however, you may also need a baby bottle. You can express breastmilk and use a bottle to feed the baby if they have problems latching on. Or, if mum needs a break, someone else can offer a feed using the expressed milk. 

How to make up a baby bottle

Always ask your health visitor or midwife if you’re unsure how to make up a baby bottle. 

The general rule, however, is to wash your baby’s bottle and sterilise it before every use, formula or breastmilk. 

If using a powder formula, fill the bottle with the required amount of freshly boiled water according to the instructions. Ideally, use this once it has cooled and make each bottle when needed. 

Alternatively, use a Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine to fill it with water that is the correct temperature. 

perfect prep machineIf you are out and about, take a flask of boiled and cooled water to add the powder when the baby needs a bottle.

Add it to the sterilised bottle for readymade formula when the baby is ready to feed. You may find your baby prefers warmer milk. Never use a microwave to heat your baby bottle, as parts of the milk may heat up more quickly and burn the baby’s mouth. Place the sealed bottle in a jug of boiled water until it reaches the desired temperature. 

We are not going to pretend that there’s no time-saving method. Make boiled water up in advance and store it in the fridge if you prefer. In this case, wash and sterilise bottles the night before. Fill with the right amount of water and wait to cool before putting the teat and lid on and placing it in the fridge. If you prepare bottles this way, they can be used for 24 hours

Always discard any unused milk after 2 hours if left at room temperature. 

Do babies prefer one type of bottle?

There are a few challenges with bottle feeding. 

Firstly, you have to wash and sterilise bottles each time you use them.

Secondly, babies can take in air when feeding with a baby bottle. Always angle the baby so the teat is full to prevent the baby from swallowing air bubbles. 

Thirdly, your baby may prefer one type of bottle over another. 

Why are there so many different baby bottles?

This is a very good question. 

Even basic baby bottles come in a variety of shapes. They may be straight, curved, tall, wide, short, coloured, patterned, or even with handles. 

The standard baby bottles you will see are widely available from several brands. They are available in multipacks, different colours, and alternative textures. 

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles and MAM Baby bottles are shaped like a breast and are popular with families. 

Tommee Tippee baby bottles

Other types of baby bottles cater for colic to help babies with reflux. Anti-colic bottles are designed to help improve airflow. They include a tube inside the bottle to vent the milk, rather than the baby taking on more air in their tummy. 

For the more eco-conscious parent, there are more sustainable options. You will also find self-sterilising bottles that save an extra step in preparing baby’s milk. 

Which teat is right for my baby?

Teats are made from silicon or latex and tend to reflect the shape and feel of a mother’s breast. If you buy teats from the same brand as the bottle, they are interchangeable depending on the baby’s age. For example, you can use teats for premature babies, newborns and older babies as they start to handle different flows at different stages. 

It might be a case of trying different teats to see how your baby handles the shape and flow of milk as they develop.

Popular brands include NUK, Tommee Tippee and Vital Baby.

Which bottle is best for newborns?

Generally, the smaller the bottle, the better for a newborn. 

A newborn baby can drink up to 4 ounces of milk in a single feed, so you will need to find the right teat and bottle. 

Typically start with a small bottle and a stage 1 teat designed for premature and newborn babies. 

NUK First Choice+ or Philips Advent Natural Newborn Starter Set


Avent newborn baby bottles


Which baby bottle is best for a baby with reflux or colic?

A baby can develop colic in the first few months after birth. It tends to improve on its own at around 12 weeks but can be heartbreaking for the parents at the time. 

Colic is medically defined as an otherwise healthy baby crying for three or more hours a day, at least three days per week, for three or more weeks. 

Reflux is when a baby brings up milk and is sick during or after a feed. It occurs when the muscle at the bottom of the food pipe is still developing, allowing some food and stomach acid to travel back up when the baby’s tummy is full. It can last for up to 12 months of age. 

Dr Brown anti colic bottles

Read about reflux and colic on the NCT website. 

Some favourite anti-colic bottles are Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic bottles, Avent Anti-Colic Bottles with Airfree, and Dr Brown’s Options.

Which are the best baby bottles for sustainability 

If you are worried about BPA plastics or want to make a more sustainable choice, consider more eco-friendly baby bottles. 

Mam glass feeding bottles

Glass baby bottles are extremely hard-wearing and so won’t shatter if dropped. They use tempered glass, are thermal-shock resistant and can go from cold to boiling without cracking. 

Glass bottles are easy to clean as they don’t carry dirt or bacteria like plastic bottles. 

Take a look at Philips Avent Natural Glass bottles or MAM Glass bottles.

Stainless steel baby bottles also offer a sustainable choice. They are lighter than glass and can last longer. Metal bottles won’t break and don’t contain chemicals that may harm a baby, but make sure you choose bottles made from 304 food-grade or 18/8 stainless steel.

Metal baby bottles are available as insulated and non-insulated and can be converted to bottles for older children or adults as they grow.

Pura Kiki bottles

Pura Kiki infant bottles, One Green Bottle or nanobébé are popular for eco-conscious families. 

Best baby bottles of 2023

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