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How Little Wishlist's Online Gift Registry Works

Little Wishlist is a site that allows you to set up and manage a personalised gift registry of the gifts you'd love online – so you receive what you really need, with no double-ups, and your loved ones have the pleasure of knowing their gift will be put to good use.

Little Wishlist gives you the freedom to list these items on your unique webpage and directs users straight to your retailer of choice. We have a donations feature coming soon that will enable you to receive contributions towards bigger items, whether it's a new buggy, baby massage classes or membership to your local soft play. It's a great way for friends and family to give you gifts, even if they don't live around the corner, as well as to coordinate baby showers, Christmas, and birthday gifts. And it's free.

An Essential for Parents, Expectant Mums & Little Ones

Gift Registry Flexibility

Little Wishlist allows you to add any item from any online store to your gift registry. The site will direct your friends and family to online retailers to complete the purchase.

Personalise Your Baby Wishlist

We think the best bit about Little Wishlist is being able to create a wishlist that is highly personalised. You can add links to small brands you have found, to local baby classes, or maybe it's a link to a second hand item.

Only The Baby Gifts You Actually Need

Once the item has been purchased from your gift registry, your friends and family will be able to mark it as gifted, so that you don't get two of the same gifts!

What makes Little Wishlist different?

We have given you some tips and recommendations from a group of parents who have experience with these products. Most of these items are linked to an affiliate network system, so if a product is bought after clicking through from your list we will receive a small commission from the retailer, which means it won't cost your friends and family extra to buy via Little Wishlist. We won't make any money from unique product links you add to your personalised gift registry unless we have an agreement with that retailer. We have chosen to run the business model like this because we believe without this flexibility we won't give our users the ability to create a truly personalised list of items you really need.

Our goal is for Little Wishlist to evolve and provide the best experience, with transparency. If you have any questions or comments please drop us a note at