Receive Less Unwanted Christmas Gifts: Make An Online Wish List
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Receive Less Unwanted Christmas Gifts: Make An Online Wish List

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Every year, people in the UK receive almost 60 million unwanted Christmas gifts. By doing some quick maths, it means around £380 million is wasted on Christmas presents that are not what people have on their list. Making a present gift list is an exciting part of Christmas traditions for children, young and old. 

A Christmas wish list also makes practical sense to share ideas of what children want for Christmas. Lists of gift ideas can also help reduce the stress of planning presents for children and make sharing ideas with friends and family easy. 

Making a Christmas gift list

The act of making a Christmas gift wish list creates a lot of excitement for children as they think about what might be under the tree on Christmas morning. Collating a wishlist encourages children to think about what they’d like to receive and be thoughtful when selecting Christmas gifts. 

It allows parents to understand their children’s interests and preferences more deeply.

Depending on the child’s age, Christmas wish lists can look very different. 

Here are some tips for getting the most out of making a children's Christmas gift list.  

  • Start early: It’s never too early to think about what to add to a Christmas wish list. Add items year-round to ensure that presents are thought-through and not impulse purchases. 
  • Set up a creative station: Rustle up lots of different materials such as coloured paper, chunky felt-tip pens, stickers, and toy catalogues to spark creativity.
  • Make it age-appropriate: If the child is too young to make their own, use an online app to make a Christmas list. Older children can share in more creative activities like a 'cut and stick' Christmas collage list to help develop fine motor skills and make the process fun.
  • Add variety: Encourage children to add various items to their gift list with a similar range of price tags. For example, toys, games, books, clothing, and experiences.
  • Manage expectations: Children must realise that a wish list is just that: a list of wishes, not guarantees. Making a gift list together allows one to explain the importance of balance and quality over quantity and discuss budget constraints.

Tools to make Christmas lists

For older children or families where gifters are more geographically spread, user-friendly digital wishlist platforms make creating, accessing, and updating the list easy. Items, including colour or size preference notes, can be added at any point to ensure the correct gift is chosen.

Create a Christmas wish list

Consider a mix of fun, educational, and age-appropriate items when creating a children's Christmas gift list. Here are some ideas:

Toys and Games:

  • LEGO sets
  • Board games (age-appropriate ones)
  • Action figures or dolls
  • Stuffed animals
  • Puzzles
  • Remote-controlled cars or drones


Educational Gifts:

Outdoor Toys:

  • Bicycle, scooter or balance bike
  • Roller skates or a skateboard
  • Sports equipment 
  • Kite

Creative Gifts:


  • Kid-friendly tablets
  • Headphones
  • Educational apps or subscriptions
  • Digital camera for kids

Clothing and Accessories:

  • PJs and slippers
  • Backpacks or lunch boxes with favourite characters
  • Sports kit

Personalised Items:

  • Customised storybooks with the child's name
  • Personalised puzzles or games
  • Customised clothing or accessories
  • Experience vouchers
  • Subscription boxes

STEM toys:

  • Mega Bloks or Duplo for younger kids
  • Building sets with gears and moving parts
  • K'Nex or other advanced building sets for older kids
  • Kinetic sand or playdough
  • Fidget toys
  • Sensory toys with different textures and colours

Remember to consider the child's age, interests, and any specific preferences they may have when selecting gifts.

If you are ready to make a Christmas gift wish list, register today to get started and begin adding ideas to share with friends and family this Christmas. 

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