Cosy Pyjamas & Stories for Children’s Christmas Gift List
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Cosy Pyjamas & Stories for Children’s Christmas Gift List

Christmas Pyjamas

As winter approaches, parents start making a Christmas gift list of the perfect gifts for children. Amongst the toys, gadgets, and games that fill children’s Christmas gift wish lists, there’s a classic gift that never goes out of style: cosy children’s Christmas pyjamas and stories. This gift guide will explore the popular tradition of gifting Christmas pyjamas and stories for kids. 

Why cosy Christmas pyjamas and storybooks are the perfect children’s Christmas gift

Cuddling up in cosy Christmas pyjamas with a festive story are special moments shared by children and adults. Here’s why they are such a popular addition to festive family traditions. 

Getting into the Christmas spirit

Christmas pyjamas often feature festive designs such as reindeer, Santa Claus, snowflakes, or Christmas trees. These festive patterns follow through in winter storybooks to add a jolly spirit and create a cosy atmosphere at home. Children often love choosing a cuddly Christmas toy too, which adds to the special moments.


Comfort and cosiness

Christmas is a time for relaxation and spending quality moments with loved ones. Cosy Christmas pyjamas contribute to the overall feeling of comfort and warmth during the cold winter season. 


Tradition and nostalgia

Many families have established the tradition of wearing Christmas pyjamas each year. It is a nostalgic touch that reminds people of their own childhood memories. Moreover, coordinating pyjamas for the entire family have gained popularity to foster a sense of togetherness and capture photo opportunities. Reading a storybook such as ‘The Night Before Christmas’ on Christmas Eve whilst wearing cosy pyjamas is a tradition children won’t forget.


Children's excitement

Children especially look forward to the festive season, and receiving a special pair of cosy Christmas pyjamas adds to their excitement. They often associate Christmas pyjamas with the anticipation of the morning and opening presents to express joy and love during the holiday season. Reading stories with little ones can help to calm the excitement, which is especially helpful when settling them down for bed in the run-up to the big day.


Nurturing Imagination

A captivating storybook takes children on adventures far and wide, all from the comfort of their cosy pyjamas at bedtime. As Christmas is already magical, it’s a great time to spark even more creativity and imagination, creating more memories to associate with family time. For avid readers, books are timeless gifts that children can work their way through as the year goes on. 

When should kids get Christmas Pyjamas?

The ideal time to gift Christmas pyjamas to kids is on Christmas Eve or a few days before. This way, they can enjoy wearing them throughout the holiday season, especially when they open their presents on Christmas morning.


We love these matching family Christmas pyjamas from John Lewis, and these cute Santa pjs from Next.

And here are our top 10 festive books to add to children’s gift lists:

  1. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
  2. Paddington's Christmas Post by Michael Bond
  3. Diary of a Christmas Elf: festive magic in the blockbuster hit by Ben Miller
  4. The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher
  5. Christmas Tales by Enid Blyton
  6. The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton
  7. The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg
  8. A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig
  9. A Puppy's First Christmas by Holly Webb
  10. The King and the Christmas Tree by A.N. Wilson


In conclusion, Christmas pyjamas and storybooks stand out as the perfect gifts for children during the holiday season. From making annual traditions to cosying up on the sofa, festive stories and Christmas pyjamas are the perfect combination. If you’d like any assistance in creating a Christmas wish list, get in touch with us at

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